Greatness is the heritage of the last day church. It is our birthright as the lineage of David (Luke 1:30-33). Therefore, as the children of God, we should rule and reign because greatness is our portion.
Greatness is in levels (Gen 12:1-3). As the seed of covenant, you have greatness in you. Abraham was great but Isaac was greater (Gal 3: 13-14; Gal 4:28; Gen 26: 12-14). By redemption, provisions for greatness have been made. You are born again to be great again. AS God the father sent His son Jesus Christ into the world, being joint heir with Jesus, you have been called into greatness not minding your background or where you are coming from (John 17:18) because every big thing in life starts with a small beginning (psalm 112: 1-3). Even God the father, started populating the earth with a single family unit.
The covenant key to greatness is the fear of the Lord (Job 1:1-3). The greater your level of fear of God, the greater the covenant blessing you attract.
Godliness is God likeness. This implies, living like God and behaving like HIM in our daily dealings. It is the expression of the fear of the Lord (prov 8:13). To fear the Lord is to abhor all forms of evil such as pride, arrogance, forward mouth and so on.
Behind every act of ungodliness are evil forces that manipulate their human victims. These evil forces promote iniquities that afflict the destinies of men. They include:
1.    Unclean Spirits : Matt 10:1; Rom 1:28)-These are the spirits that make men to commit all forms of sin. Jesus gave his disciples power to deal with unclean spirits, so you must be willing to resist unclean spirit in your life by the power Jesus had given unto you.
2.    Spirit of Bondage: (Luke 13:16)- These spirits make man to continue committing sin even when such fellow is aware of the consequences of the evil and demonic acts. Such evil acts like smoking, pornography, drug addiction, adultery, fornication etc are controlled by spirits of bondage.
1.    Engage the ministry of Holy Spirit- until the Holy Spirit takes over, satanic spirit will continue to afflict you. The Holy Spirit helps you build a resistance against enticement to do evil and all evil traps (Isa 59: 19; Matt 3:11-13).
2.    Put off all ungodly acts (Col 3:8)- Anger, malice, forward tongues etc are ungodly acts that corrupt man’s destiny. They should put off if you want to be great.
3.    Fellowship regularly with the Brethren (Heb 3:13, 10:25)-Do not miss Christian fellowship for anything, because it is part of your spiritual investment that promotes greatness.
4.    Mortify the deeds of the flesh-Discipline your body because living by the flesh leads to death while living by the spirit engenders greatness (Col 3:5-6; Rom 8:13)
5.    Get Revelation- Go for light and revelation via the word of God on how to handle issues regarding sin and how to control evil habits.
1.    Speedy answers to prayers (John 9:31; Psalm 66:18)
2.    Divine favor (Psalm 5:12)
3.    Divine Health (John 5:5-14)- Sin is the root cause of sickness, suffering and sorrow.
To manifest greatness, you must be saved from iniquities and lead a Godly life. It is only by the power of Holy Spirit that you can be Godly.

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